Red light cameras are a serious business for most municipalities and a method of passing taxes to unwary drivers. If you are reading this, you possibly have gotten caught by a camera. I want to defend you from the automated policing systems and prevent your insurance rates from going up.

These red light cameras are methods of generating revenue more than safety systems. There are various underhanded methods to generate revenue for the state including shortening the length of yellow lights, not allowing defendants to question RedFlex, and sending snitch tickets and false tickets.


Where is my yellow?

Where is the yellow light?

Engineers recommend longer yellows for safety. Cities shorten yellows to catch more drivers. Accidents happen. RedFlex profits.

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What happens now?

Red Light Camera Ticket

Red Light Camera Lawyer Marion Titus will guide you through the process of challenging your red light camera ticket.

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Who is your lawyer?

Marion Titus - Red Light Camera Ticket Attorney

Red Light Camera Attorney Marion Titus knows the common strategies for beating red light camera tickets.

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